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Welcome to the Railroads of Montana
Railroads of Montana as been highlighting railroad photography from Montana
and the Pacific Northwest since 2000. Calendars featuring the Railroads of Montana,
began back in1999/2000 in a small format calendar. The Railroads of Montana
calendars from 2011 through 2014 are available as free Adobe® PDF files. 
In addition to the Railroads of Montana calendars, there were a series
[now long out of print]
of full-color 28-page booklets covering topics such as the Soo Line connection in Montana
[which by-the-way can be viewed HERE at my Soo Line history page,] and booklet's highlighting
 a pictorial history of Marias Pass and the Hi-Line from Browning to Bainville

Seeking Photograph's of Great Northern Railway
and Burlington Northern Railroad in Marias Pass

I have been commissioned to write a pictorial history of Montana's Marias Pass
The company is Arcadia Publishing - you may have seen some of their books such as the one below

The book will be 128 pages with 180 to 240 photos

I have quite a few images from my own collection and have access to some other sources

If you have a few non-published photos of the Great Northern or early BN "Rainbow Daze" in Marias Pass, and would like a complementary book for use of the images, please let me know at my email

These photos don't have to be some spectacular smoking upgrade Great Northern R-2 in the winter
[but that would be nice!] If you have some photos of Uncle Louie or Grandpa working in Marias Pass
and the story surrounding the pictures - those will be considered also

The images can be either B&W or color [the publisher converts the images to B&W]
You wouldn't have to send me originals - a high-resolution scan would be fine

Please let me know what may be available by June 2016 - my goal is to have the book completed by
October 2016 so it will be ready for sale by tourist season of 2017.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact me
at  rrofmt@hotmail.com

Click this link for more information:
"Off the Beaten Pass" Marias Pass on the Great Northern Railway

Note the interesting web pages below

 Great Northern Railway photographs from the collection of Cordell Newby
Click on the state name below to view Cordell Newby photographs from that area
Cordell Newby Collection Minnesota - Montana - Seattle - Washington - Wenatchee

Great Northern Railway photographs by Great Northern Photographs by Dale Jones

Click HERE to view Great Northern Railway track lineups from Essex - circa 1960

Click HERE to review John Taubeneck's remarkable Montana Industrial Locomotive list

Color Photos        Spokane Area       Sandpoint Page ONE         Sandpoint Area  TWO 
Bonners Ferry           Moyie Hill    Clagstone-Selle     Shiloh-Forest Siding  
Naples-Elmira-Grouse     Eastport & Dover           STEAM ENGINE ROSTER         CABOOSES       BOXCARS          GONDOLAS  
   JORDAN SPREADER  X-893          M-O-W CARS            PASSENGER CARS          STRUCTURES


The Kettle Falls book contains 235 full-color and B&W photographs, nearly 50 maps and track profiles with dozens of images and other historical information. The disc also contains a comprehensive reference and index of over 400 entries.

Great Northern Railway - Kettle Falls, Washington Branch
SALE!! $19.95

Click this link for more information:
Great Northern Railway - Kettle Falls, Washington Branch Book DVD

Spokane International Railway of Larry Shawver
in Words & Photographs

The book is a history of the Spokane International Railway written in the words and nearly forty color & B&W photographs the actual writings of famed Spokane International Railway chronicler Larry Shawver. 

Spokane International Railway of Larry Shawver in Words and Photographs

Click this link for more information:
"The Spokane International Railway of Larry Shawver in Words and Photographs" Book DVD

 The Great Northern Railway in Marias Pass

Click this link for more information:
"Off the Beaten Pass" Marias Pass on the Great Northern Railway

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