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Looking West from the Summit of Marias Pass near the exact location John F. Stevens peered a winter December 1889 day Burlington Northern SD-40 #6924 assists the Eastbound “Empire Builder” through a 1985 blizzard

On Track Two at Milepost #1086.3 [hence the number 210863] Burlington Northern Santa Fe General Electric CW44-9W #1105 leads a Westbound grain train through a late winter snowstorm a few miles East of Cut Bank

Billings is the largest city in Montana and does not have any regularly scheduled passenger trains. Here Montana Rail Link’s F45 #391 which among many owners was the Burlington Northern #6627 sit with a 3-car “Safety Special” in 1999.

Great Northern Railway’s “Libby Logger” local with EMD GP7 #611 and the #X-263 rebuilt from an original wooden caboose await their next assignment on a side track at the Libby depot in 1969

Photographs of trains along the Missouri River on Jim Hill’s original Montana Central line to Helena and Butte are relatively rare as travel was done mostly in the evening - in 1999 rebuilt GP30 [now GP39E] #2755 leads an Eastbound [Northbound] freight near Hardy

The year 2012 has brought many changes to railroading - here at Garrison Junction the final destination of Montana’s first railroad was originally built in narrow gauge - today huge horsepower diesel electrics like GE  ES44DC #6746 lead this “unit” train East

Union Pacific E9 #931 sits at Butte in the early morning sun after arriving from Salt Lake City with the July 1970 version of the “Butte Special” which was discontinued along with dozens of passenger trains across the United States on May 1, 1971

Central Montana Rail’s future is in jeopardy in 2012 since one of the high Milwaukee Road built trestles was damaged by flooding, but in 1994 CMR GP9 #1810 was happy leading the “Charlie Russell Choo-Chew”  out of the Hoosac Tunnel’s west portal near Denton

Near Terry where the only trackage of the former Milwaukee Road would be operational into the 21st Century - Milwaukee Road S-2 #261 leads a westbound Burlington Northern Santa Fe “Employee Special” past an empty coal train in 1998

Westbound Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western empty grain train passes by Raymond on former Soo Line rails. The “Soo” built into Montana completing their only branch into the state in 1914. In 2013, this portion of the line is out of service - perhaps for good

October and early November are the most colorful time in the Rockies. In the fall of 2001, Amtrak P42DC #174 is treating the eastbound “Empire Builder” passengers to an early morning color extravaganza between Summit and Bison on former Great Northern rails

Lewistown is located in a “snow hole” - it can be a blizzard in town and just up on the hill, no snow at all. During one of those 1997 “snow events” - the Lewistown Local switches cars near the stockyards on the old Milwaukee Road tracks to Great Falls

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