Railroads of Montana
and the Pacific Northwest
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Genealogy requests are the most common of all questions asked of any research organization.

Many genealogy requests are vague to answer,
My Great-Grandfather worked for a railroad in Montana around 1910, his name was Smith.
Do you have any information about him?" 

Here's are some tips to finding genealogy information:
1. A name is always good - first and last
2. If you know for sure what state - Montana...
and the approximate location they worked? - such as "Missoula."  
3. It is good to know the railroad name - it is important... 
as there were two railroads that served Missoula around 1910...

Some people wonder,
"Why can't I find out anything about my Great-Grandfather?"

The farther back in time someone worked for the railroad
the more likely that records have been lost or destroyed.
Below are some employee roster lists in the Research pages
Be aware there are privacy concerns while reaching more recent records.

Employee Roster Information

If you have photographs or historical railroad documents you would like to share please me know.

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PHOTO DISCLAIMER: The photos in this website are from my collection. I have been researching and collecting railroad photographs and memorabilia for over fifty years,
I have gathered materials from many different sources - original owners, photographers, online groups and connections, "swap meets" or from those who wish to remain anonymous.
Unfortunately, many images have been passed around from collector to collector and the original photographer's identity may have become lost.
If I have used your photo without giving you credit it is unintentional.  
That being said - if you find a photograph that you took and I have not given you credit.
 Please let me know...I will give credit where credit is due

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