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As most who have used the Internet for research - it can be a blessing or a bane
Search engines can locate websites for some very obscure information 
but web searches also bring up hundreds, if not thousands of non-relevant web sites. 

I have inserted an internal website search engine on the left side of my website
This search engine only indexes my website 
So if you are looking for information just on my site that's the place to go

Google provides a custom web search engine.
I have inserted the one below to search just selected Montana related history sites
I've been able to index a few dozen Montana history/transportation websites
The results will only pull from these sites - so...you won't need to sift through page after page
I did not include any "Wiki" sites as they can be found in general web searches
Ah yes...because it's Google's search engine 
you will be forced to have some ads - just ignore them

I am quite hesitant to put links to other pages on my site as
they constantly need to be checked and updated

The Yahoo Groups are a true treasure trove of information
You need to register to view or post comments, put it's worth it if you're serious about research
Each group has it's own internal search engine indexing the entire discussion groups comments
Below are links to each railroad or Montana history interest discussion group

Great Northern Railway

Railroads of British Columbia including former Great Northern connections from Montana

Montana Rail Link

Milwaukee Road

General - Historical and current Montana railroad information

Burlington Northern Railroad

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Soo Line

General - Logging Railroads

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy [CB&Q] http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/CBQ/?yguid=67811535

Union Pacific

The sites below do not need any registration:

For general questions about just about any Pacific Northwest railroad topic please see:

For extensive online records of Pacific Northwest railroad history - there is no other site better than:
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