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                                   Railroad Employee Search

Genealogy requests are the most common of all questions asked of any research organization.

Most often than not - these are also the most vague to answer,
"My Great-Grandfather worked for a railroad in Montana around 1910, his name was Smith.
Do you have any information about him?"   

A name is always good - first and last
If you know for sure what state - Montana... and what was the approximate location they
worked? - such as "Missoula."  At least a location name is a start - It is good to know that
railroad name - it is important - as there were two railroads that served Missoula around 1910...
If you know the railroad - that's even better

Now that some of this information is known, people still wonder,
"Why can't I find out anything about my Great-Grandfather?"

Well, some of the mystery, is that the farther back in time someone worked for the railroad -
the more likely that records have been lost or destroyed.
In looking for more recent records - this raises privacy issues

As with the Bibliography page of my website - this Employee Search portion will hopefully give
 folks at least a starting place to see if their long lost relative worked for the railroad.

The records are gleaned from old "Time Books"
 [little books provided by businesses for railroad men to keep track of their work time]
along with other old railroad inspired employee rosters
Few sources are newer than about 50 years ago, hopefully
 there should not be any privacy concerns

As I have stated before - with this list - it is in no way the "complete" comprehensive list
of every employee that worked on every railroad in Montana.
Such a massive list would be impossible to maintain -
so...this list will be organized by railroad.

Below are employee names listed in alphabetical order

Great Northern Consolidated Seniority Roster - Clerical & Station Forces 1968

Northern Pacific Montana/Yellowstone Division Employees 1882 -1980

Milwaukee Road Brakeman & Conductors Seniority - Idaho & Coast Divisions

The lists below are PDF files of employee records that may not be in alphabetized order

Burlington Northern Pacific District Merger Seniority 1970

Great Northern Railway Spokane Division Enginemen Seniority 1956

Great Northern Railway All Division Enginemen Seniority 1917


Questions or Comments?

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