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     Great Northern Railway
Essex, Montana
Station Papers

While living in Essex, Montana and working at the Izaak Walton Inn,
one warm 1986 summer night, I crawled into the old Great Northern Essex depot attic.
Historically, railroads stored all the train orders, train lineups and other railroad station papers.
As railroads ceased using paper documents for train operation, depots were closed across the country.
Perhaps the legality of acquiring these documents from the attics may be questionable,
but decades of railroad history has been preserved from these clandestine activities. 

Lineups were used by maintenance personal and other employees so
they would know when and where the trains would be while working along the tracks.

Here are train lineups and station papers with assorted dates from 1959, 1960 and 1966.
Great Northern Railway - Foreman's Train Location - Form 1139

Great Northern Railway - Station Record of Train Movments - Form 243
Great Northern Railway - Station Train Movement and Train Order Transfer Record - Form 237
There is an entire chapter on Essex including many images of the Essex depot
where these lineups were stored in my book "The Great Northern Railway in Marias Pass"
Click HERE to order book The Great Northern Railway in Marias Pass


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